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Are Your Spring Cleaning Chemicals Damaging Your Septic Tank

Are Your Spring Cleaning Chemicals Damaging Your Septic Tank

Spring is the time to clean out your closets, get rid of all that clutter and give your entire home a deep clean. However, if you own a septic system on your property, then you need to be aware of certain cleaning products that could damage your septic tank. Are your spring-cleaning chemicals damaging your septic tank? Read on to find out.


You’ll be glad to know that if you’re diluting your bleach, it is not harmful to your septic tank. However, this applies to small amounts only. So, bleach should only be used when necessary. You should never pour bleach directly down your drains or toilets. If you need a powerful stain or mildew remover, Borax is a safer alternative.


When used properly, ammonia-based cleaning products are safe for your septic system. However, just like with bleach, ammonia should only be used sparingly and never directly poured down your drains.

Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaning products like Drano and Liquid Plumber should NEVER be used if you have a septic system. One of the main ingredients in drain cleaners is sodium hydroxide, or lye. Lye is one of the most corrosive chemicals found in cleaning products and can wreak havoc on the components of your septic tank. If you’re having drain issues in your home, call a plumber instead of pouring dangerous chemicals down your pipes.

 Look For Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are a much safer alternative for your septic system. Look for labels that say things like “Green” or “Septic Friendly” before purchasing. These types of products will not disrupt the bacteria balance in your septic tank.

Have questions about safe cleaning products for your septic tank? Give Affordable Pumping a call! We are here for all your septic needs.

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