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What To Expect From A Septic Tank Inspection

Septic tank inspections are vital to proper septic maintenance. Most professionals recommend a complete septic inspection at least every few years. However, depending on the age and condition of your tank, you may need one sooner. Here’s what to expect from your professional septic tank inspection.

Cover and Water Level Check

The first step to a complete septic inspection is to remove and inspect the cover. Your cover should be properly fitted for your tank and it should be secured firmly. Then, your inspector will check the septic tank’s water level. An overfilled tank will need to be pumped right away. When they check the water level, they will also make sure the water properly flows from your home to the tank.

The Pumping Check

The next step is to pump your tank and check the backflow in the absorption level. Preventing the backflow tells the inspector if there is a problem in or around your drain field. Since an inspection usually involves pumping, you should keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

Pipe and Component Check

Your inspection will check all pipe connectors and components visible inside your tank. Then, they may use a contraption fitted with a camera to further inspect pipes that lead in and out of your tank. Any broken or damaged pipes should be repaired or replaced right away.

Leach Field Check

There are a series of pipes in and connected to your septic tank called the leach field. If the pipes get clogged with sludge, they can’t do their job correctly. A clogged leach field leads to backups and serious septic breakdowns.

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