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Is Your Septic System Environmentally Friendly

Is Your Septic System Environmentally Friendly

As Americans become more and more environmentally aware, we look closer at the things in our home that may be either increasing or decreasing our impact on the planet. How about your septic system? Is it environmentally friendly?

Septic Tanks Work Naturally

Your septic system is very environmentally friendly. The entire structure of your septic system is made up of natural processes. Its two main components, the tank and the drain field, do not need any electricity to function. When properly maintained and cared for, your septic system is self-functioning. It removes disease-causing pathogens, bacteria, and toxins from your wastewater daily. Natural bacteria living in your tank breaks down solid waste into scum and sludge which is processed through your system. The filtered wastewater drains into your drain field and it absorbs back into the surrounding soil.

Take Care of Your System to Keep it Working Naturally

If you are taking care of your system, it will continue to work naturally. Be sure to dispose of non-biodegradable materials, like baby wipes, in the garbage instead of flushing them in your toilets. Anything besides human waste and toilet paper could cause a major disturbance to the bacteria in your tank. When the bacteria cannot break down waste naturally, you are at risk for septic clogs and backups that will negatively impact the soil.

Get Regular Pumping and Maintenance

A neglected septic system is no longer environmentally friendly because it can cause septic leaks into the surrounding soil which can contaminate waterways. Regular pumping, professional maintenance, and periodic inspections are essential for keeping your system working safely. It is also important to call a professional septic tank company at the first sign of a problem so it can be remedied right away and not impact the environment.

To keep your septic system environmentally friendly, call the experts at Affordable Pumping Services.

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