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Advantages Of A Commercial Septic System

Advantages Of A Commercial Septic System

If you own or plan to own a commercial property, consider a commercial septic system. According to the EPA, commercial septic systems can handle the wastewater of more than 20 people daily. They are commonly used in non-residential establishments or buildings with multiple restrooms. These systems have many benefits compared to city sewage systems. Let us explore the advantages of a commercial septic system.

Public Health

When properly used and maintained, commercial septic systems are better for public health than city sewage systems. The risk of disease transmission is lower since it is a self-contained system. As long as you have a professional septic company performing regular maintenance on your system, septic systems are very safe to the public.

Better for the Environment

Septic systems work by utilizing natural bacteria to filter wastewater. This filtration process removes pollution from water on the surface of the ground and then refreshes the groundwater. When water is slowly released back into the ground from your system, it is safe for the plant and wildlife. Collectively, commercial septic systems help communities reduce energy costs related to treating wastewater.


When it comes to commercial septic tanks and systems, there is not a lot of guessing involved. Most states and counties have strict regulations that will need to be followed to keep you, your customers, and the surrounding community safe. When you have your commercial system installed, your septic company will make sure everything is up to code and meets all rules and regulations. This gives you peace of mind that your system will meet all your specific needs without much thought.

Affordable Pumping Services has years of experience installing, maintaining, and inspecting commercial septic systems. If you need help with your commercial septic system, then give us a call. We even offer 24/7 emergency service.

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