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Septic Tank Vs. City Drainage

Septic tank vs city drainage is an important thing that every homeowner should understand. Every home has a form of drainage – with larger, more developed cities typically using a city drainage method, and more rural or remote locations may use a septic system. While each has its own set of pros and cons, many people may just be used to one type of system and may never experience using the other.

Let’s look at the main differences between each of the options.

City Drainage

The first and probably the most significant difference starts with the responsibility. With a city drainage system, the upkeep from outside your property is up to the city. This difference may sound like an obvious advantage, but the truth is not that straightforward. For instance, if the city needs to perform maintenance to houses on your block or even your neighborhood, you may be subject to issues such as clogged drains, smells, or many other inconveniences that you may have little to no control over. In addition, you will most likely be subjected to a monthly or quarterly bill from the city. These bills can vary in price depending on your city’s rules to determine the fees in your area.

Septic Tank

Septic tanks are a very different solution to the same problem. You won’t have a monthly bill for starters because the city won’t be maintaining your sewage. In addition, you will be responsible for maintaining your system, but while that might sound like a challenge, the truth is following some simple rules can preserve your septic system for many years. The cost over time, if taken care of, will be significantly cheaper as you won’t have a monthly bill due to the city. Repairs are also quicker if you have the right company, as they can service your system and usually complete any repairs with a short turnaround.

As you can see, while they have the same functions, the way they go about it are very different. Unfortunately, you seldom get to choose one over the other, as the choice is usually at a city level and would require moving or looking at other houses altogether. Nevertheless, it’s essential to know the difference, so you don’t pass up on a dream home just because you are unfamiliar with septic systems.

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