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When To Call A Plumber And When To Call A Septic Company

When To Call A Plumber And When To Call A Septic Company

When you have got a clogged drain, you know you have a problem. But who do you call? Sometimes a clog is not just a clog, so it is important to know the difference. Although there are some parallels between plumbers and septic tank companies, they are not the same profession. Here is when to call a plumber, and when to call a septic company.

One Slow Drain vs. Many

If you have one tub or one sink that is slow to drain or clogged, you most likely need a plumber. However, if there are multiple slow drains or clogs, you probably have a septic problem on your hands. When multiple sinks are slow to drain in the home, this points to a full or overflowing septic tank. Call in your septic company right away.

An Old Septic Tank

If your septic tank is older than 15 years and you start to experience plumbing-esque problems, it could be tricky. An older tank is more likely to have problems, especially if it cannot keep up with your household size or water usage. Our advice would be to call your septic company first and have them inspect your tank before calling in a plumber.

Toilet Backup

This is another one that can be hard to figure out. If your toilets suddenly do not flush or start to back up, your first instinct may be to call the plumber. However, if you have a septic system on your property, it could be a sign of a septic clog or an overfilled tank. Call a septic company first to rule out a septic system problem before calling in a plumber.

Not sure if you need a plumber or a septic tank company? Putting off septic issues can lead to complicated repairs, so give Affordable Pumping Services a call, and we will help you sort it out!

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