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Why Certain Properties Need A Septic Tank

Why Certain Properties Need A Septic Tank

If you have recently purchased a new property or are looking to buy one in the future, it is essential to consider your waste management options. There are specific properties where a septic system is the best option, and others where it may be less than optimal. Septic systems can be expensive and take time to prepare for and install, so it is important to know before you purchase or make any plans for a new property. Here are some reasons why certain properties need a septic tank.

No Sewer on Property

The first question you will need to answer is whether or not your property is served by a sewer. To find this out, ask the seller or real estate agent as soon as you are interested in the property. There is probably a public sewer system if the lot is in a highly populated city or town. But if the land is dependent on well water, you will probably need to install a septic system.

Size of the Property

If your property is large and will serve as a farm, ranch, or multi-building compound, you will definitely want to consider a septic system. Properties of this size may not be able to have access to the public sewage system depending on the regulations of your town or county.

Road Access

If your property is set far away from other residences, or it is way off the beaten path, so to speak, you will most likely need a septic system. Access to public sewage is tricky if you are not located nearby roads. You would most likely be responsible for substantial construction costs to gain access, which can get complicated. Your best option would be to install a septic system on your property.

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