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Septic System Owners- Avoid These Paper And Bathroom Products

Septic System Owners- Avoid These Paper And Bathroom Products

If you own a septic system, you’re probably aware that with the exception of toilet paper – no other paper or bathroom products should be flushed down your toilets. But did you know certain kinds of paper products and other bathroom products marketed as “flushable” could be problematic for your system? Read on to learn more.

Only Used Bleached Toilet Paper

Although “unbleached” or “environmentally friendly” paper products sound like they’d be better to use for your septic system, the opposite is actually true. Bleached toilet paper breaks down much easier in your septic tank. It’s also important to avoid any paper products that are chemically treated, as they can mess with the bacteria balance in your septic system.

Avoid “Flushable” Wipes

A trend that’s taken off in the last decade is “flushable” wipes being used in bathrooms alongside toilet papers. Although these products certainly seem like a better option for personal hygiene, especially for small children, they can easily clog your system. The fibers in any kind of wipes do not break down easily in septic tanks, and can even cause problems in city sewer systems as well. You can still use these products, they just should be thrown away in the garbage after use.

Any Kind of Feminine Hygiene Product

Tampons are made to be absorbent, it’s how they work. These properties make them extremely hard to break down in septic systems. Even kinds that are marketed as “flushable” or “natural” should never be flushed down the toilet. This goes for pads and liners as well.

Look for Products Labels Quick Dissolving or Biodegradable

When shopping for paper products that are safe to flush, look for ones labeled “biodegradable” or “quick-dissolving.” These paper products are all safe to flush. If something doesn’t have that label, throw it away in a trashcan to be safe.

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