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The Items And Devices You Shouldn’T Use If Your Property Has A Septic System

If you have a septic system at your home or property, you’re probably aware that there are certain things you have to be careful about. Some items or devices are just not compatible with septic systems. Using them could damage or compromise your system, resulting in expensive repairs or damage. Here are the items and devices you shouldn’t use if your property has a septic system.

Garbage Disposal

Although you’ll find conflicting information online as far as garbage disposals and septic tanks go, we always advise against installing or using one in your home. A garbage disposal breaks up food waste so that it can go down your drains, but if you have a septic system, it ends up in your tank. Food waste can mess with the bacteria balance in your tank and make it harder for solid waste to be broken down. It also could drastically increase the amount of solid waste in your tank, causing it to overfill or leak.

Flushable Wipes

Don’t let the term “flushable” fool you. Flushable wipes are certainly not flushable if you own a septic tank. These types of wipes take a long time to break down in a septic tank, if they break down at all, and can cause all kinds of disastrous issues. In fact, they can cause problems even if you don’t have a septic system. Flushable wipes have been clogging and jamming up plumbing systems all over the country. When it comes to a septic tank, though, they can do severe damage. Using them can lead to blockages and clogs that could cause toxic sewage backups inside your home.


In particular, this one is important if you’re not aware of the location of your septic tank and its components. Digging with a shovel, or any sort of digging equipment can lead to accidental damage to your tank or its pipes. Make sure you check with your septic company before doing any kind of landscaping on your property.

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