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The Importance Of A Well Maintained Effluent Filter

If you have a septic tank at home, you should be aware of the importance of a well-maintained effluent filter, and it’s role in the septic system. Here’s a closer look.

What is an effluent filter?

Your septic tank is a large container buried underground that holds and treats your wastewater. An effluent filter is a slotted cylinder piece that fits into a vertical pipe attached to the outlet of your septic system. Its sole purpose is to prevent solids in your septic tank from exiting into the nearby drain field.

How does an effluent filter work?

An effluent filter is an inexpensive tool used to prevent homeowners from racking up costly repairs when their septic system fails. Any waste that pumps through a septic system contains solid material. As that solid material breaks down, it will settle at the bottom of the tank forming a sludge layer. The lighter materials form a scum layer.

As your septic tank fills, the liquid will exit the septic tank through a pipe fitted in the outlet hole. The majority of the material exiting the tank is liquid; however, there will be some solids moving through. The effluent filter stops those liquids before they reach the surrounding soil or your drain field. The liquid runs through the slots on the filter, while the solids will be stopped. A properly maintained effluent filter will work efficiently and prevent any backups in your system.

How do you maintain an effluent filter?

Your filter should be changed by a professional regularly to keep your system running smoothly. This could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on the details of your system. Only a trained septic system tech will be able to tell you an accurate timeline.

If you’re not sure when your effluent filter should be changed, ask the experts at Affordable Pumping Services. We can help with all your septic system needs, including pumping and inspections.

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