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Signs You Are In Need Of A Septic Repair

Signs You Are In Need Of A Septic Repair

If you have a septic system on your property, then you know that it comes with a bit of responsibility. If you take care of your septic system, it can last for decades. However, big problems can come with neglect. Here are some signs that you may need to call a professional septic company for a repair.

Bad Smell

If you’re suddenly greeted with a bad or foul smell inside or outside of your home, there could be a problem with your septic system. Raw sewage has a terrible rotten egg smell. If you’re smelling something like that anywhere near your home, call a septic repair company right away.

Lots of Long Green Grass

When there is a leak in your septic tank, you may notice that one part of your yard may be greener and lusher looking than the rest. Grass loves septic waste, so it will grow quicker and greener where the leak is feeding into. Call a septic tank company if you notice anything like this on your property.

Slow Drainage

A problem with your septic system could cause slow drainage in your plumbing. If you notice that the sinks and toilets on the main level of your house are suddenly draining slower than usual, there may be an issue. This is usually an indicator of needing a pumping, not a repair, but call Affordable Pumping Services to make sure.

Pooling Water

When your septic system isn’t working properly, you may notice small pools of water in or around your drain field. Call someone as soon as you see excess water anywhere near your drain field.

If you notice these signs, or anything else unusual, then there might be something wrong with your septic system. If so, call Affordable Pumping Services right away. Remember us for regular pumping, cleaning and inspections, too!

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