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Testing Septic Tank Drinking Water

Testing Septic Tank Drinking Water

If you have a septic tank system and also get your drinking water from a private well, it is essential to maintain your septic system, so your water stays safe to drink. A leaking or damaged septic tank can leak toxic wastewater into your groundwater which could potentially contaminate your drinking water. Read on to learn more about testing your drinking water if you have a septic system.

Could Your Water Well Be Affected by Your Septic System?

The distance between your well and septic tank is a good indicator of how high the chances of your drinking water being affected. The farther away your well is from your septic tank, the better, but every homeowner with both systems should have their water tested regularly. Your risk for contamination is low for the following reasons:

  • Far distance between your well and septic system
  • A deep-set well
  • A well set in bedrock
  • You have your septic tank pumped and inspected yearly

However, your risk of water contamination is higher for these reasons:

  • Shallow well
  • If the groundwater from your septic system flows towards the well
  • Poor maintenance or neglect of the septic system

How Do You Test Your Drinking Water?

There are several home water test kits available online, but to ensure the results are reliable, professional testing is needed. Ask your trusted septic system company for a recommendation for water testing services.

What Will the Tests Show?

When you have your drinking water tested, the results will show the number of dangerous bacteria or toxic materials present. A professional test done by a lab will include a full print out of your drinking water components. Any potential hazards found will be listed on your results print out, as well as which ones should be addressed immediately.

Affordable Pumping Services Can Help

If you suspect your septic system may be affecting your drinking water, call Affordable Pumping Services right away!

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