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The Dangers Of A Faulty Septic System Lid

The Dangers Of A Faulty Septic System Lid

The purpose of the lid of your septic tank is not just to mark its location and keep sewage contained, it’s also for the safety of your family and surrounding wildlife. A faulty septic tank lid is not only dangerous, but it could also be a liability. Let’s look at some of the dangers of a faulty septic tank lid and how to prevent accidents from happening.

Unknown Locations

One of the biggest reasons why accidents happen involving septic tank lids is because they’re in unknown locations or covered by brush or grass. This makes it easy for small children or animals to accidentally fall in, or injure themselves by partially falling in. Always know the location of your septic tank lid. If you’re purchasing a property with a septic system, have a reputable septic tank company come out and inspect the entire system as well as the lid. Keep the lawn mowed in that area and mark off the area of the lid if necessary.

Faulty Lids

If you notice your septic tank lid fits improperly or looks damaged, contact experts right away. Temporarily block off that area and let all family members know to stay away. Keep pets fenced in away from the septic tank area until the lid is repaired or replaced and adequately sealed.

What to Do in An Emergency

Not only does someone risk hurting themselves from the impact of the fall, but falling into a septic tank exposes you to toxic fumes and gases. If a person or animal falls in your tank, call 911 immediately. Even if they can be lifted out, don’t do it yourself. Special equipment will be needed, so you don’t endanger yourself as well. Stay calm and call 911.

To ensure your septic tank system is safe and secure, call the experts at Affordable Pumping Services.

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