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Tips For Businesses To Keep Their Septic System Working Properly

Do you have a septic system for your business? If you do, it is essential to keep it working properly to avoid costly, time-consuming and embarrassing incidents. Here are some tips to keep your business’ septic tank working properly and prevent issues.

Always Repair Small Leaks

A leaky faucet or running toilet is easy to ignore when you have much bigger things to deal with while running your business. But the longer a faucet runs, the more water is wasted, and the more pressure is put on your septic system. Always call a plumber at the first sign of a leak.

Use Courtesy Signs in the Restrooms

Nothing should be flushed down your toilets beside human waste and septic-safe toilet paper. Anything else can lead to significant septic issues, including backed up sewage. Be sure to put friendly reminder signs in all your restrooms reminding employees and customers not to flush anything besides toilet paper. Place garbage containers inside bathroom stalls for feminine products, diapers and anything else that people may need to throw out.

Avoid Chemicals

If you employ a cleaning service, let them know that you prefer natural cleaners when possible. Harsh chemical cleaners can make their way to your septic tank and kill off the good bacteria that is essential to keeping your system running properly.

Regular Pumpings and Inspections

It’s essential to have your septic tank pumped on a regular schedule by professionals and to have it inspected at least once a year. Spotting problems early can avoid expensive repairs later down the line. Affordable Pumping Services can help you get on a regular pumping schedule right away.

Take Care of Your Land

Trees and their roots should be kept at least 100 feet away from your septic system. They can damage the structure of your tank.

For any questions about caring for your septic tank system or to get on a regular pumping schedule, call Affordable Pumping Services today.

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