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Noticeable Symptoms Of Septic System Issues In The Home

Noticeable Symptoms Of Septic System Issues In The Home

Part of owning a home with a septic system is paying attention to the signs it may be giving you that something is wrong. Thankfully most of these signs are pretty obvious, so you should have no trouble addressing them accordingly. Here are some noticeable symptoms of septic system issues in the home.

Backups Inside the Home

Water or smelly black liquid backing up in the drains of your sinks or bathtubs is probably the most apparent symptom of a big problem. Backups can be caused by a few different issues, but its most likely an overfilled tank or a blocked septic pipe. Call your septic tank company right away, and don’t try to clean the sewage yourself; it’s incredibly toxic.

Lush Green Grass Around the Drain Field

If you notice that the grass over or around your drain field is looking a little greener or more lush than usual, there may be a leak in your system. Grass loves waste that can seep into the ground from a septic leak, and makes for a very noticeable symptom of a problem.

Gurgling Sounds From Your Plumbing

If you notice gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your toilets or plumbing, there’s most likely a blockage somewhere in your system. The water trickling through a blockage in a pipe causes the gurgling sound you’re hearing. Contact a septic system company right away.

Puddles in the Yard

Water pooling in certain areas of your yard is a sign that your septic system is not draining correctly. In many cases, these puddles are caused by excessive rainfall and may clear on their own, but it’s best to call a professional right away.

All these symptoms are your septic system crying out for help. Call Affordable Pumping Services right away so they can identify and fix the problem before it leads to more serious issues. Call for an appointment today!

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