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The Septic System Pumping Process

The Septic System Pumping Process

If you own a septic tank system, you know that regular pumping is necessary. But do you know what goes on during the pumping process?

A professional company like Affordable Pumping Services has a process they follow when pumping a residential septic tank system.

Locate the Tank

The first step to pump your septic tank is to find it. If you’ve recently purchased the property, you may not be aware of your tank’s location. If the lid is buried, it will need to be dug out so a hose can be inserted.

Check the Level

Wastewater from your septic tank seeps into a portion of your yard known as the drain field. Once the access lid is found, the pumping pros will check the level of liquid in your septic tank. If the level is lower than the outlet pipe, your tank could be leaking wastewater into the ground surrounding the tank which can be dangerous. If it is level or higher than the draining pipe, the pipe will be checked for clogs.

Pumping the Liquid

Once the levels and drainpipes have been checked, a large hose will be used to suck all the liquid from your septic tank into the pumping service’s truck. Using careful methods, the waste will be transported to a designated area.

Watching for Backflow

As your tank is being pumped, the techs will carefully watch for backflow to ensure the proper amount is flowing out of the outlet pipe.

Cleaning the Tank

After your septic tank has been pumped, it will be thoroughly cleaned. Solid waste will be loosened and sucked out of your tank, and everything will be cleaned using a high-powered hose.

Final Inspection

Once your tank is pumped, a professional will check it for leaks, cracks or any structural damage. Any necessary repairs will be discussed with you before completing.

If you own a septic tank system, call Affordable Pumping Services today to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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